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USLEC Mission Statement

For a Better Future

The purpose of International Crime Prevention Law Enforcement Coalition, a/k/a USLEC, is to promote and educate a foreign communities around the world to help prevent and reduce crime, in accordance with the United Nations Charter. USLEC recognizes the importance of international community effort and voluntary initiative to fight against crimes. USLEC further acknowledges the spirit of the partnership among non-government organizations, government organizations, and law enforcement agencies to work closely together on a national, regional, or international levels.

  • USLEC recognize that preventing crime transcends ethnic, geographical, political, cultural, and religious boundaries, and requires the active participation of the whole community. USLEC will focus on the preventing or reducing the following issues by collaborating with the international community to:
  • Educate the community, especially younger persons, on drugs and drug related crimes or activities, nationally and internationally;
  • Spread awareness of sexual abuse, and how such crimes are committed nationally and internationally;
  • Inform the community of child abuse and the effect of such abuse when the child grows up, as well as such crimes committed nationally and internationally;
  • Spread awareness of unpaid labor, child labor, or sweatshops in third world countries; and
  • Educate and encourage the protection of immigrants from undue discrimination which immigrants face internationally;
  • Spread awareness of the climate change and promote a greener economy.

USLEC will cooperate with the United Nations and the international community to promote educational interaction between the Asian communities throughout the world. By doing so, USLEC aim to provide a relationship between the general community and the Asian communities at a national, regional, and international level. Furthermore, by establishing division offices, as indicated under Section 5.1, USLEC aims to be an educational leader by establishing forums, conferences, panels, internships, and research programs to promote USLEC’s purpose.

Nourishing the Next Generation

USLEC mission is to promote internship and leadership programs in the Early Law Enforcement Academy with support and mentorship from the various Law Enforcement members and government agents.

Protection & Advocacy for Immigrants Rights (PAIR)

Exchange of advanced judicial system and judicial cultural exchange through the (MOU) organizations. Forums for crime prevention and provide advocacy for the immigrants’ legal dispute and neglect.

United States Law Enforcement Coalition
DBA International Crime Prevention Law Enforcement Coalition

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